OUR bengal CATS

Lepards de Élite CIELO from Luxury Leopards

Our bengal female Cielo has a pattern of perfectly distributed rosettes, warm and contrasting colors and a soft and velvety coat. He is a high quality Bengal with an extraordinary beauty. Cielo is naughty and playful, she is incredibly fast, agile and very intelligent. Cielo has all the qualities we like about Bengals, and that makes us love her!

Lepards de Élite KORA from Luxury Leopards

Our bengal female Kora has really nice and balanced features. With an impressive pedigree and a perfect body and head, it is inevitable for us to love her so much and be so proud to have her at Luxury Leopards.

Lepards de Élite KENIA from Luxury Leopards

Bengal Kenya is simply wonderful. It has dark brown spots that contrast intensely with the cream color of its coat. Her "clouded" rosettes are beautiful and her character is charming. Kenya is the most affectionate benfal cat that we have known and makes us enjoy every day of our work. We love having her with us!

OMAR from Luxury Leopards

Omar is without a doubt the most impressive bengal cat we have ever seen. It has intense and warm colors and an exceptional character. Omar is very big with a strong body. Both its proportions, its colors and its character are really impressive.

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